Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Too many blogs!

Too many blogs out there!


Rusdy said...

Testing my comment box, so it can appear to the side bar

Ele Azhar P. said...

Mas Rusdy, blog personalnya skrg yg mana?
Kalo posting comments di GD kayaknya nanti ga relevan. Mas rusdy kerap mampir ke blogku, nah akunya mo komen ke blog personal Mas, ga tau mo komen kemana (atau baca your thoughts).

Nathan Fraix said...

Hey man, where's your blog?

Rusdy said...

Ooops, haven't checked this blog for a while :(

Sorry everyone! My blog in wordpress is officially closed!!! Why I heard you asked? Simply too much distraction @ work, trying to be better employee, that's all :)

I'm still contactable thru email tho'! ;)